Kaleidoscope Typeface

  • TYPEFA DESIGN. Kaleidoscope typeface started with geometrical pieces of paper unified by sewing pins and attached to a black board. These shapes were later vectorized. The name was inpired by the three dimensional effect of the  unified pieces.
  • PROCESS. Several alterations of Kaleidoskope were created as part of the typeface investigation.
  • ALPHABET. The same shapes were used for the development of all the letters and symbols of the alphabet. 
  • POSTER. The idea of three dimensionality was also tested and better achieved with the letters upon a dark background. Adding more depth delivered a pop-out visual effect on a flat platform.
  • MOBILE CASE DESIGN. Letters are read on big as well as small surfaces. The geometrical letters also create the illusion of a pattern.
  • TYPEFACE APPLICATION. Letters were also used in products such decorative pillows.