Cady's Alley Branding

  • Design Studio II at the Corcoran College of Art + Design consists entirely of a branding project. My assigned brand was Cady’s Alley, a group of shops in Georgetown, the design district of Washington, DC. The tone of the shops is high-end, sophisticated and contemporary. Therefore, I strived to create a sophisticated yet future-oriented brand. 
    Following the brand identity are some promotions that are meant to highlight the brand itself.
    Design: Anders Larsson
    Art Direction: Robert McVearry and Nancy Palm
    Logo Concept
    The two rectangles generate a clean and sophisticated look which goes well with the approachable elegance of Cady’s Alley. As a whole they are reminiscent of the C as well as the A of the company name, connecting design and interaction with the company.
    The space between the rectangles represents the alley itself, while the rectangles simultaneously mimic the look of the brick walls that connect the shops. The shape is also reminiscent of an arrow, which establishes Cady’s Alley as a forward-thinking company that supplies its visitors with innovation and inspiration.
  • DC Metro Headliner
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Promotional Notepad