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    Dérive Posters
  • "Seeing Making Mapping" was a Gallery 31, Corcoran Gallery exhibition dedicated to, “Exploring the value of conventional, objective, and personal, subjective, means of cataloging and determining space.” Both my design partner, Cody Jastromb and I, collected data and co-designed a diptych poster series, representing our dérive through the newly developed Anacostia area of D.C.

    The term "dérive" is Situationist. It is the act of an unplanned journey through an urban landscape in hopes of creating a new experience, while learning something about the place explored. The poster series documents our journey as we walked on opposite sides of the street while going the same way. In short, we traveled the same path but had completely different experiences.

    The colors represent the paths we took as a documentation of our travels. Each photograph was taken after set length of time or distance. The inversion of the colors and photographs on the Left Side poster drives home the point of the experiences being different even though the path is nearly identical.