Website Design

  • Before I design a site, I usually have a thorough discussion with content writer and SEO expert about the structure and content of the site. When we reach an agreement, I move on to making drafts. My experience of designing websites is more about respecting the functions and finding the best solutions to make it user-friendly and pleasant-looking.

  • Chinatown Bus Tickets Search Website (Mockup)

    This site is designed for collecting all the bus ticket information between East Coast cities as well as coupons and deals. Easy to use, simple and straight forward. 

  • DC Hop On Hop Off Tour Website

  • Corporate Website 

  • Concert Ticketing Site 

    Qu Wanting, a Chinese-Canadian pop singer, had a concert tour in major cities in North America in spring 2014. 

  • Small Business Sales Package One-page Site

    iTalkBB Media launched their special sales package to attract local business owners. This website serves the purpose of providing information of this special deal as well as advertising services by iTalkBB Chinese TV. It contains sections such as ads formats, audience, production, case study,  advertisers and contact. 


    A ticketing site for a bus company which runs buses between New York city to cities in Ohio. 
  • NYDC Express (Before and After)

    NYDC Express site, which sells bus tickets from NYC to Washington, DC, needed facelift. I designed a new homepage which only focuses on ticket searching with useful SEO related content listed in the footer. 
  • Before
  • After

  • School Project - Portfolio Site
  • The first website I designed, and coded by myself. Through this school project, I familiarized myself with the basic HTML & CSS coding knowledge and learned some Javascript as well.

  • Rebranding and Redesign

    This project was assigned to me when I was interning for It was for the eCPIC team, which operates an online application for government clients. Their old website was created in the 90s, old fashioned and did not have much design in it. Their goal is to migrate all the content to a new Wordpress CMS system, at the same time, have a fresh look. After discussion with the site's manager, and understanding what his needs were, I designed a set of new homepage and downlevel page, as well as their mobile versions, based on a new logo (branding) that I also re-designed for them. The structure of the site was based on the Wordpress theme-Skeleton. The design phase during this project look approximately 2 weeks. The complete timeline of of the project was very aggressive and the new site was launched in 5 weeks. It included design, development, content migration and quality testing.

  • Old Site
  • New Site