It Was Inevitable

  • Three years ago I moved to Washington DC with my childhood best friend. Soon after, I began falling in love with a boy who could never really love me back, and I began ignoring anyone who actually cared. My best friend was the one person who took the brunt of my bad decisions and I spent the first five months of college unintentionally and unjustly erasing her from my life. 

    Finally after not speaking for five months, she and I faced each other head on in the form of letters. In these letters we spoke honestly and after many harsh words, we eventually forgave one another. Those five months were never spoken about again, they were expunged from our memories and neither of us had any intentions of ever revisiting them, until now. 

    “It was inevitable” combines the writings from that unspoken time, with our voices and photographs from the present, a time when we are at our strongest. 

    This is my way of taking the blame that I once refused to possess. This is my way of realizing that I was wrong when I said, “it was inevitable.”