Pop! Wed / Stop Motion Video

  • A neon dinosaur elopement video?! Why YES!
    We made this little video to introduce our new elopement wedding services, Pop! Wed Co
    We wanted the video to feel just like our services—handmade, full of fun, with a giant side of whimsy. We believe that marriage, and weddings, are about having tons of fun together, and that's exactly how we made the video. 
    We decided to use stop motion because we wanted it to feel real and tangible, yet totally imperfect, just like real life.

    Plus, who doesn't love neon dinosaurs?
  • Dinosaurs were the perfect cast for this video because literally no one on our planet today can relate to them in any first-person manner. We all have our own view of what dinosaurs mean*, but since they're an animal none of us have ever met, we all think of something different when we see our dino friends—just like we do when we think about our own weddings.
    *Land Before Time or Jurassic Park, anyone? Or my personal favorite: when they remind you of a human you know.
  • A few stills from the video: