NEXT 2014: Origin

  • From the beginning of my graduate studies, each class, experience, text, article, classroom conversation, studio practice, step-by-step, more and more has been revealed.  I became excited by new ideas, new theories, and experiences.  I started to experiment in my classroom and with my own work with my new knowledge. There were many synchronicities and I was led to Jung and his theories.  I felt guided but wanted to know more and began digging deeper to find out about Jung, archetypes, and if there were people in the field who could inform and enlighten me.  Each step I have taken with greater awareness has informed and guided my own practice and my art on a deeper level.  As teachers and artists, our own work is critical in the process of bringing back and sharing that which we feel deeply.  My interest and ongoing curiosity, as well as the changes I have seen reflected in my own teaching practice in the classroom and my artwork, as a result of this journey, has driven my choices.   My work seems to rise up instinctively from some deep primordial place, some unconscious intuitive space place in which I am joined, by my memories, my dreams, my family, my loves, to others throughout time and culture.  It is so very comforting to know I am not alone.