Pentagon MMA's Levels Poster

  • Pentagon MMA's Levels Poster
    A corecentric project
    I was approached by Pentagon MMA, to create a Muay Thai Levels Poster. Originally the request was to show colors with their respective numbers. Levels or ranking systems vary from school to school, Pentagon MMA's level system consists of eight levels. In thinking about how to create a catchy memorable poster for them, I noticed a correlation between the number of levels and the actual martial art. Muay Thai is also known as "The art of eight limbs".  That became the inspiration for the poster, turning the levels poster into an inspirational and teaching tool for aspiring muay thai students. I came up with the tag line "Complete 8 levels to master your 8 weapons"
    I directed the photoshoot for the female fighter; the male fighter image is a stock photo. 
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