Healing Spaces for Women with PTSD

  • My project studies healing spaces for women with PTSD. Hazeldon, an organization devoted to helping heal those who suffer from addiction and trauma, including PTSD, suggests treatemtns that can be translated to physical design strategies: 1. Fostering the feelings of safety, security and trust by creating a space that incorporated the coforts of a home-like environment through materials, finishes, and textures. 2. Designing a space that creates spatial relationships and adjacencies to ease transitions, lessening anxiety and tension. 3. Providing areas that promote wellness through meditation and relaxation so that the focus can remain of healing. To create a healing space, a designer must use a patient-based approach, and design for the comfort and convenience of the patient by understanding the journey they will take. A healing space is not just a room with a window and natural color palette, it is a space that promotes and nurtures the process of healing. A healing environment must develop a relationship with its inhabitants by creatin trust, stability and ease for a successful journey to health.