MIx and Match Families

  • In the USA, family is a flexible and fluid, constantly changing as our society grows and develops an understanding for the people who live here.  For me, this fluidity is essential and what I wished to explore. As a child, I was raised in a strict Catholic family. My upbringing defined family based on what my parents modeled and the rules with which they lived by.  As an adult, I recognized that I was gay and therefore, the modeled family would no longer fit my life. Redefining family meant casting aside the mold that society created for family and learning to adopt a non-traditional family. 
    Mix and Match Family is an artists' book that address these ideas.  The imagery for the book began while I photographed families and individuals while working in Washington, DC.  I removed the background from the images in order to place them on solid colored backgrounds. The solid colored backgrounds indicate the original family unit in the artists' book. The book is designed so that the viewer can flip through altering the family (much like a children’s flip book) to include same sex families, heterosexual families, and interracial families.