NEXT 2014

  • Jaime at work in the screen printing studio.
  • My thesis work focuses on how relationships and interactions shape the person we become. With each relationship we change a little and carry those changes forward into our next experience. Sometimes we change so drastically we do not recognize the person we have become. Sometimes it is small changes that we don't notice until months or years later. 
    My written thesis work was about long term same sex couples. I researched different couples from different time periods. I originally set about to prove that same sex relationships are different from opposite sex relationships. But after researching, I realized that it isn't about gender—rather it is about finding the right person regardless of gender.
    While I was researching, I reflected on the roles that family, friends, and acquaintances played in the lives of those couples (as individuals and as couples) as they progressed throughout their lives. This made me think about my own life and the decisions I made that have led me to where I am now.
    My thesis work is two parts: an artists' book that addresses these ideas and a sculptural piece. For the artists' book, I have written letters to people who have shaped me from childhood until now. The piece will be screen printed and letter press printed, then bound in a long stitch with a leather spine.
    There sculptural component consists of molds of hands. I spent a weekend in Pennsylvania, where I invited friends and family who have impacted me, to come and have a mold of their hands made (about 35 people participated, although not all hands will be displayed). I used Alja-safe (a non-toxic, one-time use moldmaking material) to make the negative mold. I then created a positive with plaster. The hands will be displayed along side the artists' book.