Chinese 24 Seasons

  • *Sort of work in progress* A self-initiated piece that I did during my leisure time, I was fascinated by the Chinese 24 seasons when I came across this article about what to eat during the 24 seasons. Instead of four seasons, the ancient Chinese had divided a year into 24 different seasons specifically according to the lunar calendar, it's almost like a weather manual for the Chinese farmers.
    I picked different colors to represent each season based on what natural scene you would see during the time. Next to the name of the season, it's the description of the weather, and on the left side is the time period of that season.
    I am not trying to use it as a tool, but this is just something that's referencing the 24 seasons. I am also thinking about adding a list of the particular food that's good for your body during each season on the back of it (if it were printed as a real calendar). The order goes from Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.