A Slight Shift In Perspective

  • There is an inconsistency between how a person appears in a photograph and how they appear in memories. Memories include specific information that, over time, is pieced together to form a more cohesive image in the mind. Photographs become the foundation for the memories that are later formed. The inconsistency comes from photographs being taken too literally and not recognized as the foundation of, rather than the memory itself. When asked to recall a certain person there is no singular image, instead there is a catalog of bits and pieces that come together. In order to freeze the process of pulling the pieces together, the subject needs to be pulled apart.

    For this piece 12 cameras were situated on a four by three grid. The cameras themselves were inexpensive and inconsistent in the quality of reproducing what they recorded. The pieces serve the function of reminding us that memory is not like a photograph, and instead is a loose, selective representation of what we choose to see and give importance to. The way someone smiles, or the posture they carry are all things that can be easily overlooked with a photograph. Yet, when pulled apart into fragments, each compartment embodies the true information of what is actually recorded in our minds.
  • Sisters - gelatin silver prints, taped, free hanging
  • Tile Worker - handmade porcelean tiles, digital photographs, mounted with trim, grout
  • Detail of Tile Worker
  • Detail of Tile Worker