Wearing Your Skin

  • Sometimes we encounter situations in which communicating with a specific person becomes difficult. Other times, impossible. From distance, to hatred, to death, we all face these barriers in our ability to convey emotional thoughts to people in our lives.
    I decided to offer an opportunity for my fellow college students to say something to someone that they couldn’t themselves, for whatever reason. In doing so, it allows me to carry their message for them and to say these difficult things. Although the message might never reach the person to whom they wish to speak, it allows them the ability to say what they feel. For most of the participants, the act of speaking these thoughts aloud appears to be therapeutic.
    After recording these people expressing their feelings toward others, I projected the footage onto my concealed body. In turn, I create a blank human canvas, which enhances the illusion of another’s presence, as well as enhances the intimacy of the message.