• Our Home: Strength in stories is a collaborative voting campaign by a group of designers at The Corcoran College of Art and Design. The goal of the campaign is to increase voting among the Asian-American demographic within Nothern Virginia, and then within the United States. 
    Each person in the group was responsible for a part of the campign. Personally, I was responsible for the Motion Graphics. Other members handled some of the print collateral, brand identity, website, social media, the events and video. 
    For more information about the campign, visit the website at: www.ourhomeourvote.com 
    Design team included: Kelsey Scherer, Maribel Gray, Gaby Bonilla, Passent Saad, Daniel Redfern and Ceilie Yan
    This project exhibited in Gallery 31 of The Corcoran Museum in October 2012