Vadim and Erin's Wedding Collateral

  • Vadim & Erin's Wedding Collateral
    corecentric project, 2013

    My inspiration to come up with a creative piece came from my clients' religious background and the message they came up with. The main concept needed to reflect the idea of two people coming together to become one forever. I started to think about shapes, symbols, and I decided to use a gate fold format to support the idea of separate but coming together. In looking at Jewish symbolism, I came across the interlocking Star of David symbol, which represents "the inseparable nature of Jewish people". So, I decided to change the triangle shapes to hearts instead.
  • Original sketch. Later on used to create the interlocking hearts in illustrator.
  • Close up of the cover and RSVP card. I used a section of the heart to form the V on the RSVP card.
  • Utilized the interlocking hearts as a pattern on all products.
  • Complete set: Invite, RSVP card, and Program.