Anish Kapoor and Edward Burtynsky at the Villa Rotonda

  • Advanced 3D Model/Render Vectorworks Studio

    Instructors: Clare Brown (Chair + Academic Advisor of MA Exhibition Design) and Philip Brady (Principal + Senior Designer of Jackson Brady Design Group)
    Corcoran College of Art + Design | Summer 2013
    The prompt for this assignment was to explore Palladio’s Villa Rotonda through 2D and 3D means starting with simple hand-drawn architectural diagrams then achieving 3D sculpture, interior structures, image props, render textures, and lighting. I occupied my space with sculpture by Anish Kapoor, most of which consist of reflective materials that distort or highlight the perfect proportions of the Villa. For the central rotonda I chose to display Edward Burtynsky's shipbuilding photographs to juxtapose his subversive aesthetic with the Villa's utopian-like setting of Vicenza, Italy.