Nicolina's Kitchen: Exhibit Concept Model

  • This project was completed for a Studio II assignment focusing on a personal experience of mine. The concept was to explore the experience in a manner that eliminated the necessity of text, instead focusing on space itself to explain the big idea. 

    I created an exhibit based upon my childhood experiences of cooking with my grandmother and Italian family and how these experiences, although chaotic, loud, and crowded, shaped who I am today. The idea is that although my experiences were very personal, the visitor can relate to these experiences and form their own memories of their kitchen experiences.
  • This narrow room features pots and pans that will hang in places where guest will be forced to brush into them, creating a loud experience where in order to hear eachother speaking, they must raise their voices. 
  • This room will have a higher temperature and scent blasters will pipe in smells that visitors often associate with home cooking.
  • Finally, visitors will make their way into the replica kitchen of my grandmother.  Here all of the previous senses, explored indepenently in the various rooms leading up to here, will come together in that ah-ha moment.  Visitors will be able to make connections between their family heritage and traditions as well as compare how their experiences differ.