Sleep Stitching

  • May 2013
       A stitch can fix things when they separate is what I tell myself when I lose a person or a button, a memory or a sock. This book is a visual representation of my thought process; my attempt to make myself believe that the button won’t fall off again and the sock won’t disappear. I found myself thinking that if I can fill in the visual gaps of reality to become whole again, maybe I can make myself whole.
       I have created a hyper-reality through this meditative process. Black and white is reality and reality is static. In order to change a constant I have to include an additive. The blue stitch is my additive, it is my dream stitch that mends and secures. The blue stitch isn’t real; it’s not really holding the trees together. If I can skew perspective, though, and make it appear as if it belongs, maybe I’ll be able to trick myself into thinking that it is real.
       Maybe I can trick myself into thinking that losing you was a good thing. I’m trying to find comfort in the blue stitch.