Everything is Still

  • February 2013
    Fragile harmony
    The space follows after us
    When we separate
    Dialogue between
    The creaking deck, open doors,
    And hollow footsteps
    I can still hear you
    Through everything remembered
    Absent from presence
    More distant than near
    You might as well be this place
    Everything is still
       My installation is a way of placing old memories into present time. I am exploring the relationship between a home I once lived in with my parents when I was one year old. Soon after we moved in the house, we left it. Soon after we left it, the house began to fall apart. Soon after the house began to fall apart, so did the relationships between us.
       The photographs of the landscape are taken of this home as it is today. The images of us are from photographs that were taken when we once lived in this house. Together, they combine what I remember with what was left behind. When I go back to that house and stand in the backyard with my eyes closed, I can still see these images of us together and can still feel the quiet atmosphere. What if we never left?