Be Here Now

  • September 2012
       Ever since I arrived here in DC and moved away from home, I have frequently traveled to parks by myself to reflect and mediate on my own thoughts. Many of the times, these days turn into me feeling incredibly nostalgic for those that I miss from back home. I’ll turn the corner and swear I saw my younger brother running in a grass field and turning back to stare at me to catch up. I can’t help but to think about my siblings and imagine as if they were here with me, right in front of me. I’ll close my eyes and recreate them in the scene in front of me, but when I open, they’ve disappeared. I’ve recreated these experiences I’ve had by painting their image on top of photographs where I’ve visualized them. Their blue image gives off the feeling that I have dreamt them, on top of the black and white image that represents the physical existence of what was actually in front of me during the nostalgic happenings. The blue and black and white together, illustrates the hyper-reality I felt I was in.