Recent Adventures: An Invite

  • Birthday Animation

    Every year, O2 Lab creates a birthday invitation for the creative director's best friend, Bryan Tramont. This year, O2 changed it up and produced an animation chronicling Tramont's last year, from travels for his job to trips to see friends and family. The link to the video was sent via an email invitation and the video was played at the event.

    Creative Director: Robert McVearry, Jennifer Kolansky
    Design & Animation: Nancy Palm
    Illustrations: Nancy Palm, Robert McVearry
  • Much like Indiana Jones, Bryan Tramont has done his share of traveling during the past year. His adventures may not have included snakes and large boulders, but they were full of fun with family and friends. We re-created an Indiana Jones collage to showcase the start of Tramont's year.
  • Tramont's job involves a lot of travel across the U.S., so we gave him his own plane complete with flapping scarf. 
  • Tramont scoring big on the football field.
  • The "Revolution" fan found himself smack dab in the middle of a world where technology has ceased to work.